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Introduction to Dmitry (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool)

Introduction to Dmitry (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool)

Today, I want to talk about Dmitry – an unfairly underutilized tool in the Kali Linux toolbox.
Dmitry stands as a powerful UNIX/(GNU) Linux Command Line application, indispensable in the cybersecurity toolkit for its ability to gather extensive information about a target domain. Ideal for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts, Dmitry excels in uncovering potential subdomains, performing TCP port scans, identifying email addresses, extracting uptime information, and executing whois lookups, among other functions.

Getting Started with Dmitry

To explore Dmitry’s capabilities, launch the command line and input dmitry. This command reveals all available options, laying the foundation for practical usage.

Key Features and Commands of Dmitry

  1. Subdomain Discovery: Use dmitry -s DOMAIN_NAME to uncover potential subdomains. To save the output, append -o info.txt before the domain name.
  2. TCP Port Scanning: Apply dmitry -pb DOMAIN_NAME for port scanning and -o info.txt to save the results.
  3. Comprehensive Data Collection: For a thorough investigation, dmitry -winsepo DOMAIN_NAME fetches whois data, Netcraft information, subdomains, and email addresses and conducts a TCP port scan. Include -o info.txt to store the data.

Utilizing Netcraft with Dmitry

Netcraft, a renowned internet services firm, provides crucial website security and infrastructure data. In Dmitry, the -n option retrieves Netcraft information about a host, enriching your cybersecurity research with detailed site reports, security vulnerabilities, and web server insights.

Practical Applications and Scenarios

  1. Scenario: Securing Small Business Networks
  • Objective: Identify potential vulnerabilities in a small business’s web infrastructure.
  • Dmitry Usage: Conduct a comprehensive scan using dmitry -winsepo DOMAIN_NAME to assess the security posture, checking for exposed subdomains or email addresses that cybercriminals might target for phishing attacks.
  1. Scenario: Competitive Analysis in Marketing
  • Objective: Understand a competitor’s web infrastructure and uptime.
  • Dmitry Usage: Use dmitry -s DOMAIN_NAME for subdomain analysis and dmitry -n DOMAIN_NAME for Netcraft data to gain insights into the competitor’s hosting solutions and stability of online presence.
  1. Scenario: Research for Web Development
  • Objective: Evaluate potential web hosts by researching existing clients.
  • Dmitry Usage: Apply dmitry -pb DOMAIN_NAME to understand the port configurations of well-established sites, providing an idea of standard practices in server security.


Dmitry stands as an invaluable tool in the cybersecurity toolkit, offering deep insights through information-gathering techniques like subdomain discovery, TCP port scanning, and Netcraft analysis. Whether you’re securing a network, analyzing competitors, or researching web infrastructure, Dmitry empowers professionals to make informed decisions.

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